A1 Website Analyzer

Size 16MB
License Shareware
Publisher Micro-sys
Release Date 09/12/2014
Added Date 30/09/2016
Operation System XP/Vista/7/8/10
Downloads 298
Download Link Download


Analyze Website Content And Structure
A1 Website Analyzer enables you to analyze the content and structure of any website, find broken links and page redirection.
The program scans your site based on the input URL or local file path and returns a detailed sitemap that include page load times, link statistics, file sizes, validation errors and other technical details. It also calculates an importance score based on incoming and outgoing links in each page.
The collected data is stored in XML format and can also be exported to CSV for use with other applications.
Other features include integrated W3C HTML and CSS validation, page source view, support for basic authentication, scan filters and more.
Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. Fully functional.

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