Alagus Printer Installer

Size 421KB
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Release Date 01/01/2000
Added Date 12/06/2005
Operation System Windows 2000/XP/2003
Downloads 3669
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Software Product Description

Alagus Printer Installer (API) is a free tool for remote installing/uninstalling network printers. Runs in Microsoft Widows Networks. The program is determined to help the system administrators. The API s main function is to make the process of installing and uninstalling the printers in your LAN easier.

Generally Alagus Printer Installer is a graphic interface for working with the library PrintUI.dll. Printer User Interface (printui.dll), created from Microsoft especially local and remote installing, preinstalling and managing the printers. Alagus Printer Installer removes the need of writing scripts in the console and all that is left is several clicks with the mouse. The printers installed with Alagus Printer Installer are located in the default profile of the computers. Every new user who logged on the computer has them installed automatically. This means that you dont have to add printer connections when tuning the new profiles.

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