NYacadFREE 6

Software Product Description Nyacad FREE is a set of AutoCAD utilities. The current release contains 32 AutoLISP and VBA routines. Features: Toolbar. Safe Plot (3rd […]

JFDraw 1.8.0

Software Product Description JFDraw is a pure Java based graphics application and library package. JFDraw used a little features of Java2D, and expanded a lot […]

Serif 3Dplus 2.0

Software Product Description Create 3D models, edit color, create and animate almost anything. This software is free with no spyware, adware, trojans – just freeware. […]

Atlas 2.0

Software Product Description A program targeted at architects and construction engineers. Atlas computes the resulting moments and reaction forces for a given beam with loads […]

Misfit Model 3D 1.3.8 Beta

Software Product Description Misfit Model 3D is an OpenGL-based 3D model editor that works with triangle-based models. It supports multi-level undo, skeletal animations, simple texturing, […]

Stereogram Maker 2.1

Software Product Description Stereogram Maker is a program for creating stereograms from two types of 3D data: AutoCAD DXF files, or range pictures in JPEG […]

3D Model Viewer

Software Product Description 3D Model Viewer is a smooth program which lets users to load models fast. It currently supports .X and .OBJ formats, but […]

Molecular Workbench 1.3

Software Product Description Molecular Workbench (MW) is a free and useful open-source modeling program that was specifically designed for use in education. Powered by a […]

IRIS 5.57

Software Product Description Iris is a software that offers numerous and powerful functions of image processing in the field of the digital astronomical images. Iris […]

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