Hieroglyphics Number Convertor

Software Product Description The Hieroglyphics Number Convertor will convert any whole number between 0 – 1,000,000. Windows 95/98 users must download and install VB6 Runtime […]

MiniCalcEuro v1.1

Software Product Description MiniCalcEuro is a small program in Visual C + that allows you to perform conversions between Euro and all 12 currencies of […]

SwitchIt! 0.7.5.B

Software Product Description SwitchIt! is a freeware application that allows you to easily convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, […]

CurrencyConverter 2.0

Software Product Description CurrencyConverter converts amounts between any two currencies. It can also convert to and from the former European currencies which have been replaced […]

BeeConverted V1.0.8

Software Product Description This dual function utility tool can currently convert over 600 various types of measurement units from one system of measure to another. […]

Easy Unit Converter v1.2

Software Product Description Easy Unit Converter converts most frequently used length, area, volume, temperature and weight measurement units with a single button click. This freeware […]

Hieroglyphic Number Convertor 1.1

Software Product Description Convert any whole number between 0-1,000,000 into hieroglyphic format. This new version features a new sleek black interface and a compact design […]

Syscalculator 1.71

Software Product Description Syscalculcator v1.71 can convert your values from one of 12 old currency units to new Euro. WizardExpress, a conversion tool, supports Excel, […]

Kamlex Units Converter 1.0

Software Product Description KamLex Convert – the easiest and convenient way to convert any units you want. The program is fully customizable, i.e. you can […]

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