Cute Puppy Clock 1.2.9

A cute puppy clock that displays time, it lets you choose a puppy from a number of cute puppies, you can place it anywhere on […]

Eye Pro 1.1

Eye Pro helps to blocks out the blue light emitting from your Mac, which makes it easier for you to fall asleep. Eye Pro helps […]


Virtual Desktop ManangerDexpot allows you to create multiple, virtual desktops to increase the work area of your screen by up to 20 times. Each virtual […]

Wheel Here 1.4.3

Software Product Description Wheel Here redirects the mouse wheel rotations to the control at the pointer. While this application is working, you do not have […]

Display Changer 4.3.2

Software Product Description Display Changer changes the display resolution, run a program, then restore the original settings. It can also change the resolution permanently and […]


Software Product Description The Laze-o-meter helps you stop wasting too much time on your computer. This software detects which applications and web sites you are […]

WinSplit Revolution 11.04

Software Product Description WinSplit Revolution is a small utility which allows you to easily organize your open windows by tiling, resizing and positioning them to […]

Real Time Drives Scouter

Software Product Description A simple program to monitor drives changes. When a usb/lan/cd or any other device is connected to the PC, this program immediately […]

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