Software Product Description Not many card games require a save game feature, but then not many card games are like Bergman. The game starts simple […]

Hibis Domino

Software Product Description HIBIS Domino is a game of dominoes in Three coming from many countries of Caribbean region. Enter the world of Karibino Dominoes […]

Black Jack Master

Software Product Description Black Jack Master offers many game modes to choose from to test your black jack skills. Windows 95/98 users must download and […]

Pick and Match v1.0

Software Product Description Pick and Match is designed to simulate the old card matching memory game. Pick and Match starts by allowing you to choose […]

Blackjack Tutor 1.0.2

Software Product Description Download Blackjack Tutor with expert blackjack strategy engine built in. Play a Blackjack simulation with hints on when to stand hit or […]

Wasp Solitaire 5.0

Software Product Description Wasp Solitaire is a variation of Scorpion Solitaire that also lends its roots to Spider Solitaire. Just like in either game beat […]

Briscola Mano a Mano 3.2

Software Product Description Briscola Mano a Mano is based on an old world classic, rendered in C#. The latest version consists of two game play […]

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