Math Ninja 1.01

Software Product Description Math Ninja is an educational fun math game. Objective of the game is to answer correctly all given excercises, as fast as […]

Geography Quiz v1.0

Software Product Description If you know your maps and landscapes, the Geography Quiz is the thing for you. The Geography Quiz invites you to test […]

My Sudoku 1.62

Software Product Description Sudoku logic-based puzzles have been a huge success. Many magazines offer their readers sudoku puzzles. The rules of sudoku are very simple […]

World Geography Games v1.0

Software Product Description Learn world continents and oceans the fun way. Includes 5 games. Continent and ocean names are spoken. A map of the globe […]

History Quiz v1.0

Software Product Description Fancy a History Quiz? How much do you know about history? Find out in this fun History Quiz. Answer 10 multiple choice […]

Sudoku Resolver

Software Product Description Program resolves Sudoku. For moving use arrows. After pressing F5, the program resolves Sudoku. Example or resolve is saved in file sudoku.dat.

Capitals 2.0

Software Product Description Capitals 2.0 is a simple Windows program that helps children learn the Capitals of the States. Capitals uses sound and visual effects […]

Sports and Entertainment Quiz v1.0

Software Product Description Everybody enjoys sports and entertainment, but how much do you really know about your favorite bands or sportsmen? The Sports and Entertainment […]

Note Attack 1.36

Software Product Description Learn to read sheet music with this free educational video game. Use either your computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard / piano as […]

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