Wormie v4.0

Software Product Description Eat all the food – not the enemies. One or two players. DirectX-sound. High-Score-list.

MyCyberFriend v1.0

Software Product Description MyCyberFriend is an exciting NEW and free “Artificial Intelligence-like” program especially for kids. You will chat and interact directly with human like […]

Risk Management v1.1

Software Product Description Risk Management resembles the simplest of board games where each player roles a die and moves their piece ahead accordingly, only here […]

Palatable Pizza Recipe Game 1.0

Software Product Description Cooking bright free game for kids from Online-Girl-Games.com Do you wish to cook Palatable Pizza? Then follow the recipe using hints and […]

Schmump Go Karting v1.0

Software Product Description Let the race begin! Select one of 4 different racers and show your skill across 3 different courses, filled with machine gun […]

Mars Needs Moms Coloring 1.0

Software Product Description Do you dream to get fresh wallpaper or to print a picturesque depiction colored by yourself? Then start playing our ever new […]

Memory Games 5

Software Product Description Free Memory game for kids : The tiles hide 16 identical pictures, all mixed up. Your task is to find all the […]

Rango Coloring Game 1.0

Software Product Description One minuscule turncoat resists the entire plug-ugly push! We have carried the thrill-seeking Rango in our Rango Coloring Game! Now you can […]

Follow The Dragon 1.0

Software Product Description Follow The Dragon is a very fun game for kids (ages 2 to 8). Deo the Dragon loves to play games, and […]

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