Colored Physics 1.1

In this hand-drawn game you have to overcome many obstacles in this unique world. Given a set of elements, you have to put them in […]

XMahjongg 3.6.1

Those pretty, round-edged colored tiles Multiple tile sets (it comes with ten) Multiple layouts (it comes with twenty-four) Undo and redo Helpful hints for happy […]

Collisions 5000 v1.0

Software Product Description Addictive, mechanically natured puzzle game. Arrange mirrors and other obstacles with laser fire. Destroy brick, melt steel. Use intelligence and logic to […]

Black Star: Dangerous Activity v1.0

Software Product Description Logical game (clone of Sapper, Minesweeper). Our armored spearhead was stopped! In addition, close support ships aren?t able to penetrate the air […]

PlayPeriod v1.1

Software Product Description Play Period is a brain teasing sort of puzzle where you try to determine the set of simple sine waves responsible for […]

Big Cats Puzzle 1.1

Software Product Description Take a walk through the jungles, forests and mountains of the world and see the imposing big cats: lions, leopards, jaguars, tigers, […]

Laser Kombat v1.0B

Software Product Description A challenging puzzle game for Windows 95. Driving a tank through each level, your objective is to destroy all the enemy tanks. […]

XWord 0.6.1

Software Product Description XWord is a crossword puzzle program designed to be highly configurable. It supports a variety of formats: puz, xpf, jpz, and ipuz. […]

Bubble Chain 1.0

Software Product Description Bubble Chain is a game of a chain reaction. You have to explode as many bubbles as you can by starting the […]

Diagnil 3.0

Software Product Description Diagnil supports the process of solving diagramless crossword puzzles where the clues are obtained from external sources, such as those distributed in […]

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