U61 v1.0.0

Software Product Description U61 is very different from other Tetris-like games, since its rules are configurable. It is also multiplayer-oriented, and offers a unique deathmatch […]

MOX – The ultimate disease

Software Product Description Mox is a puzzle/arcade game which will satisfy everyone from rookie players to hardcore gamers. It mixes immediate dexterity and mid term […]


Software Product Description Tetris is an exciting action game. Throughout the game, Tetris pieces fall from the top to the bottom of the playing area. […]


Software Product Description Yet another version of the ever popular puzzler, Tetris. Includes sound, music, control by joystick or keyboard and nice graphics. Set your […]

Techlogica TechTris 1.2

Software Product Description Techlogica TechTris 1.2 is a free Tetris-style game with customizable background and block graphics, standard and extended block sets, and an extensive […]

Freetrix v1.4

Software Product Description The rules of this joy-maker are as easy as ABC: you use falling blocks to make lines without spaces. The more lines […]

Tototris v1.1

Software Product Description Skinnable and moddable tetris clone where the number of blocks per pieces may vary, with special blocks and more unique features.

Chain Star v1.0

Software Product Description With a Coloums/Tetris style of gameplay, you must group same colour stars together with a moon to remove them. Creating large groups […]

ColorTetris v1.72

Software Product Description ColorTetris is a little more than just Tetris. It also includes Pentix, a popular variation of Tetris that is more complicated and […]

Tong 1.0

Software Product Description Sometimes, the total is greater than the sum of the parts. Tetris and Pong are classics, addictive and unshakable from their places […]

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