Software Product Description Stop paying for calls that you can make FREE. We offer unlimited free video and audio calls to anyone, anywhere at anytime […]

IGA v2.08

Software Product Description IGA is a virtual gaming network – for meeting and playing with real people from all over the world. The communication is […]

Instant Handwriting v1.0

Software Product Description Use your handwriting with AOL Instant Messenger (SM) 4.1 & 4.3. This FREE utillity includes three fun handwriting styles, and also works […]

Virtual Messenger

Software Product Description Online chatting steps into the 3rd dimension with Virtual Messenger. VM enhances your text-messaging experience with virtual environments which allow you to […]

miniaim 0.3.3150b

Software Product Description miniaim is a tiny AOL Instant Messaging client written in C++ and using The TOC 2.0 protocol. miniaim uses only the Win32 […]

NetLink v3.3

Software Product Description NetLink is an instant messenger that allows you to communicate with other users connected across the same LAN, similar to WinPopup and […]

CSpace 1.24

Software Product Description CSpace provides a platform for secure, decentralized, user-to-user communication over the internet. The driving idea behind the CSpace platform is to provide […]

middle_man 0.3.0004

Software Product Description middle_man is an AIM add-on for Ad Removal, Transparency, Away Message Groups, Idle Control, Buddy Aliasing, Logging (IM, Profile, DC), Remote Control […]

ScatterChat 1.0.1

Software Product Description ScatterChat is a HACKTIVIST WEAPON designed to allow non-technical human rights activists and political dissidents to communicate securely and anonymously while operating […]

Gizmoz Talking Headz 1.547

Software Product Description Gizmoz Talking Headz (Beta) is an extremely humoristic innovative Plug-in for all the leading Instant Messengers. Gizmoz is all about self-expression. Gizmoz […]

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