UCanCode.NET ToolBox v1.60

Software Product Description UCanCode ToolBox V1.7 can be used to perform one or more of the following operations on Microsoft Visual C++ projects (version 5.0 […]

FormulaParserLib v1.0b

Software Product Description The FormulaParserLib is a library that allows to parse formula expressions. A sequence of simple calculation statements is produced as a result […]

Librarian from JSSL V1.4

Software Product Description Librarian v1.4 is a client-server based version control system for software developers. Features include version control, labeling, branching, merging. It has an […]

Color Picker for Visual C++.NET

Software Product Description An office XP style color picker for Visual C++.NET. The key features are as follows: ColorPicker provides a default color panel, which […]

WinID 3.1

Software Product Description WinID allows to get the most important information about Windows control classes, styles, and window titles. All you need is to point […]

Topcoder AutoGen for Arena C++ v1.0

Software Product Description TopCoder Arena is a famous online competition for programmers to demonstrate their talent in algorithm and programming. There are many talent people […]

Prof-UIS 2.91 Freeware

Software Product Description Prof-UIS is an easy-to-use MFC extension library that enables you to deliver Windows applications with a professional and user-friendly interface.It will help […]


Software Product Description The library allows to create grid with movable and resizable columns, changable title and data background and text colors. No MFC dependencies […]

C++ Server Pages 1.6

Software Product Description C++ Server Pages (CSP) allows developers to build Dynamic Web Pages and Web Applications by using C++. Existing C++ projects can be […]

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