NtJobs 0.6

Software Product Description Micro language for data management, programmabile with text scripts (file .INI/.NTJ). Executable by command line and in batch mode. SQL Execution, Excel, […]

SQL generator 1.0

Software Product Description SQL generator – Easily generate SQL code from your Microsoft Excel document. Select your Microsoft Excel file, select an output directory and […]

SQL Batch Executor v1.0.46

Software Product Description SQL Batch Executor will run SQL scripts for any database with an ODBC compliant driver. A few years ago, I created a […]

Free SQL Compare v1.0

Software Product Description The SQL Compare application will allow you to compare the structure of two SQL server databases and display all the differences between […]

FmPro Worksheet 1.01

Software Product Description FmPro Worksheet – A free graphical utility for sending SQL commands to FileMaker 7 databases. FmPro Worksheet enables FileMaker 7 database developers […]

XMLtoDB 1.0.2

Software Product Description XMLtoDB let you create DDL files from XML files. DDL files can be used to create new tables in a database. You […]

SQLQuery v1.0

Software Product Description This SQL editor provides many functions. Use SQLQuery as a quick SQL tool to connect to any database type. SQLQuery uses BDE […]

Simple SQL Backup 0.5

Software Product Description Simple SQL Backup is a free software program intended for use by network administrators. It makes performing an immediate backup of a […]

KNOCKS SQL-Sense v1.0

Software Product Description KNOCKS SQL-Sense provides Intellisense style help while writing SQL Statements in Microsoft Query Analyzer, SQL Server 2005 Management Studio, Visual Studio 2005 […]

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