Visual XPath 1.0

Software Product Description Visual XPath is a graphical way of generating XPath query results. It can also be used to generate XPath queries dynamically by […]

MsiDiff 08.0.233

Software Product Description MSIDIFF is freeware to compare or disassemble Windows Installer databases (a “MSI to TEXT” utility). The output can also be understood by […]

Remote Debugger 2

Software Product Description RemoteDebugger monitors log messages sent through WINAPI OutputDebugString or WM_COPYDATA message. Log messages are sorted by process, thread or user defined tree […]

Go Get HTTP 1.0

Software Product Description Go Get HTTP is a small desktop application that fetches data from requested URLs and displays the results as plain-text. It is […]

Comm for CE

Software Product Description CommLog is a freeware program used for recording and monitoring the data from the serial port of a PocketPC. It would be […]

WinLogTail 0.04

Software Product Description WinLogTail is a freeware log viewer, monitor and analyzer. Features: fast open and browse log files, regardless of file size monitor log […]

ADCollectionsVisualizer v1.0

Software Product Description ADCollectionsVisualizer allows a whole variety of collection and dictionary objects (and objects for all classes that inherit from these classes) to be […]

ADImageVisualizer v1.0

Software Product Description ADImageVisualizer allows Image objects (and objects for all classes that inherit from the Image class) to be viewed, manipulated and saved when […]

Hotbasic Debugger 2.2

Software Product Description The Hotbasic debugger will help you to debug your applications faster than ever without any adding of debug subs in your code, […]

mjBugTracker v1.0

Software Product Description mjBugTracker is a free, lightweight, program to track your bugs, problems, incidents, requests, enchancements, etc… in your development projects. It has a […]

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