Admin File Cleaner

Software Product Description Delete dummy and temporary files from your system. You can associate AFC with a task scheduler to automate the tasks. Files to […]

MESH 2.2

Software Product Description Administration tool which features: Start/Stop services Kill processes Uninstall apps Install apps System Info Block applications Bandwidth meter Restart computer Shutdown


Software Product Description Remote machine access for files, registry, processes, services. All commands are scriptable. A script may be run to change remote machines or […]

Snare for Lotus Notes v1.1

Software Product Description Snare for Lotus Notes provides a remote distribution, and configuration checking tool for the Lotus Notes application, interfacing with the underlying Notes […]

ManageEngine Applications Manager 6

Software Product Description Applications Manager offers a single integrated monitoring tool suitable for application monitoring, database monitoring, system monitoring, website monitoring, services monitoring, and custom […]

LabStats 2

Software Product Description LabStats allows you to gather and graph usage statistics for all your campus computer labs, including Windows, Mac, and Linux clients. It […]

Remote Desktop Enabler 2.0

Software Product Description This program allows to enable the remote desktop feature of Windows XP/2000/2003 – Remotely.

Remote Reboot 1.0

Software Product Description Allows you to reboot Windows NT/2000/XP/20003 machines across your LAN. Only shows machines that are on the same domain.

USB Remote Drive Disabler 1.0

Software Product Description Allows you to easily enable or disable USB drives on your Windows 2000, 2003, or XP systems – across your LAN.

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