Clipboard History Pro 3.15

Clipboard History Pro is a Windows clipboard manager featuring optional cloud synchronization and AES encryption. With Clipboard History Pro users can keep a repository of […]

Log Info v1.00

Software Product Description Use this utility to save your company time and money. By adding one line to a users login script you can log […]

Font Loader 1.2

Software Product Description Font Loader is a tiny portable tool to load fonts temporarily in Windows without having to install them. It can load and […]

OSFMount 1.5.1015

Software Product Description OSFMount allows you to mount local dd image files (bit-for-bit copies of a disk partition) in Windows. OSFMount supports RAM disks (basically […]

WinApp_Manager 14.02.02

Software Product Description WinApp_Manager is like the Linux package manager, but for Windows. It can update programs you already have installed and it’s also possible […]


Software Product Description ClickToClose is a tiny utility that allows you to click the upper right corner of a Windows 8 Metro app (where the […]

System Crash Monitor v1.16

Software Product Description Attempts to reduce the number of times Windows crashes. It also attempts to reduce crashes and seizing up of applications running on […]

LogoLess v1.14.0.0

Software Product Description LogoLess is a tiny tray-based program to filter out out that annoying popup Start-Menu when you hit the Windows Logo-Key by accident. […]

Driver Backup 1.0

Software Product Description Have you ever lost the driver diskettes for any of the hardware devices you have installed on Windows? Driver Backup can gather […]

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