CommFort 5.90

Size 8.5MB
License Freeware
Release Date 07/12/2016
Added Date 26/04/2017
Operation System 7 / 2k / XP / 2003 / Vista / 10 / 2008 Server
Downloads 120
Download Link Download


CommFort is a client-server software especially designed for efficient communication over home or corporate networks, combining such information exchange as audio and video conferencing, text messaging, as well as fast file transfers.

The CommFort software is capable of working on both local area networks, as well as on the Internet, while maintaining support for terminal clients. All the traffic is encrypted thanks to a sophisticated AES algorithm, which ensures the highest level of security that prevents possible data leakage. In an effort to minimize network load, the software leverages an incorporated advanced network buffering mechanism to ensure the maximum network efficiency with bandwidths ranging from 32 Kbit/s to 1000 Mbit/s during file and image transfers. Moreover, the images transferred via messages, private or public channels are automatically compressed to facilitate speed and network efficiency.

Unlike similar Internet services, the internal corporate data never leaves the companys local area network, which ensures the security and full control over the information that is being exchanged among employees. The users of CommFort software can take advantage of a full spectrum of communication tools; including channel communication, text messaging, image transfers, notification boards, file transfers, video and audio calls as well as video conferencing. Thus meeting the highest corporate demands of any size whilst streamlining the workflow and collaboration between multiple departments in medium and large enterprises.

Moreover, CommFort is capable to withstand very high traffic loads, supporting up to 10 000 simultaneously connected users. The number of attendees is only limited by the network capabilities of the company. In an effort to further save network resources, the data is transferred directly between users bypassing the server during audio and video calls, ensuring the highest audio and video quality with minimum time delays.

Despite the sophisticated capabilities, CommFort Software offers a very user-friendly interface, that facilitates the end-user experience without compromising efficiency and security for data.

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