Go Get HTTP 1.0

Size 370KB
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Release Date 01/02/2008
Added Date 03/04/2008
Operation System Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3
Downloads 2901
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Software Product Description

Go Get HTTP is a small desktop application that fetches data from requested URLs and displays the results as plain-text.

It is useful if you want to quickly access a URL to retrieve the source of the document and do not want any formatting returned. It was originally designed to assist in debugging server-side dynamic XML document which you could not view source within IE or Firefox. If there were problems in the in the XML schema caused by server-side 500 errors or if the some of the data within the XML tags contained information that could not be formatted correctly then it would sometimes not be possible to view the source of the returned document. GO_GET_HTTP cuts through this and displays the raw information returned, along with some additional HTTP status information.

There is also another features built into the application that enables the monitoring of an URL at set intervals. If the content returned changes then there is a visual alert notifying the user that the document has been modified. These alerts can either be for the whole document changing or an alert if a specific string is present or absent in the returned document. When used to assist in the development of sites it has proved to be useful in all sorts of ways as a quick and convenient tool for debugging.

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

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