Mail Extractor 2.07.82

Size 71KB
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Release Date 03/04/2003
Added Date 14/04/2003
Operation System Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP
Downloads 12787
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Software Product Description

Mail Extractor (MailExtr) is an advanced tool for creating mailing lists from files on your local computer disks and shared network disks. Usually you have your Internet Explorer cache enabled and if you surf the web a lot, there can be thousands of files (typically – 20-50 thousands). Inside these files there are a lot (thousands) of e-mail addresses.

Main Features:

  • Works extremely fast!
  • Searches e-mail addresses within local or shared network disks.
  • Able to filter found e-mail addresses.
  • Auto-detects your “Temporary Internet Files” folder.
  • Able to search in all subfolders.
  • Customizable output path and mode (append/overwrite).
  • Removes duplicate mails.
  • Able to create log.

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