Maxiorel GUI4UPX 2.0

Size 91KB
Publisher Visit Website
Release Date 20/02/2006
Added Date 20/02/2006
Operation System Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3
Downloads 3868
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Software Product Description

Maxiorel GUI4UPX is a simple frontend for the well known Ultimate Packer for eXecutables, UPX. With this frontend you can choose file, set the compression ratio and run the process. You can decompress files too. There is a visible command for UPX. Since version 2.0 there is a possibility to process more than one file. With Maxiorel GUI4UPX you can create BAT file with prepared commands. I find it useful for developers.


  • simple use
  • decompress ability
  • commands for more than one file
  • can create BAT file

How to use:

Set path to the upx.exe. Check compression ratio. The nine is the best, the one is the fast. Add files you would like to compress. Click RUN and wait.

Requires: UPX.

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