Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express

Size 502MB
License Freeware
Release Date 19/12/2008
Added Date 06/10/2016
Operation System Windows XP
Downloads 812
Download Link Download


Support for LINQ, Entity Data Model and ADO.NET Entity Framework make it easy to create next generation data-enabled applications
New Date and Time data types with time zone support and .NET compatibility provides full control over temporal data
New T-SQL IntelliSense support in SQL Server Management Studio makes it easy to write accurate T-SQL code
Access a vast community of other SQL Server enthusiasts from beginners to experts via the SQL Server Express forum

Tight integration with Visual Studio 2008 with SP1
SQL Server 2008 Express provides high-end database features
Support for new data types and features like spatial data, HierarchyID, and FileStream makes it easier to model complex data
Support for MERGE, GROUPING SETS, sparse columns and table-valued parameters makes it easier to write T-SQL code
New Import/Export wizard makes it easy to migrate data
SQL Server Compact makes it easy to create database applications
Small 2MB footprint allows for easy distribution of Windows applications
No database administration required or Windows services
Support of a rich subset of T-SQL syntax and commands

Included in the installation file:
– SQL Server database engine – create, store, update and retrieve your data.
– SQL Server Management Studio Basic – visual database management tool for creating, editing and managing databases.
– Full-text Search – powerful, high-speed engine for searching text-intensive data.
– Reporting Services – integrated report creation and design environment to create reports.

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