StubbieMan SFX Maker v1.0

Size 185KB
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Release Date 13/08/2002
Added Date 23/08/2002
Operation System Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP
Downloads 4691
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Software Product Description

StubbieMan is a program which makes self-extracting archive files (SFX files). An SFX allows you to distribute zip files without the recipient needing to use an unzipping program – they just run your SFX. An SFX also gives you more control over how and to where the files in the archive are extracted.

What Can StubbieMan SFX Do Which Other SFX Makers Cannot? Here are the things which StubbieMan SFX can do which most of the others cannot:

  • No need to create a zip file first – StubbieMan automatically compresses the files you select as it makes the SFX.
  • Display a customised message to the user before any files are extracted.
  • Optionally prompt the user for a folder to unpack the archived files into.
  • Specify a default folder to unpack the archived files into.
  • Use constants for the unpack folder – such as the user´s TEMP folder, the user´s Windows/WinNT folder or the user´s Windows System folder.
  • Run any number of commands either before or after (or both!) the files in the archive have been extracted.
  • Get the SFX program to launch these commands one at a time or concurrently. If you launch them one at a time the SFX program will wait for the first process to complete before the next one starts. Also, if a launched command fails you can optionally abort the extraction process.
  • Show a customised success message at the end of the process.
  • Optionally clean up all files and folders created by the SFX. For example, to distribute an AVI movie file in an SFX you get the SFX to unzip it, launch a process to display it to the user (using the option which forces the SFX to wait till the process displaying the AVI has finished) and then have the SFX automatically delete the unzipped AVI file as the final step in the SFX program´s execution.
  • The ´stub´ program used by StubbieMan is just 48K.

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