The Webplayer 1.03

Size 7.72MB
License Freeware
Release Date 24/09/2009
Added Date 05/07/2016
Operation System 7 / 10 / 8
Downloads 549
Download Link Download


The Webplayer is a windows desktop application, with this application you can watch videos and listen to music.

Launch this app and get started with the simple navigation window. Browse programs, movies and music videos on your favorite web sites, then hit play. Your selection will start streaming in the player window. The player window is similar to Windows Media Player.

Application features

Close the navigation window at any time — your playback will not be interrupted. Save your place − when you reopen the navigation window, you will be returned to where you left off. Resize the player window and position it anywhere on your screen − can work, game or enjoy social media. Always visible − your player window stays visible even if other programs cover the entire screen. No need to reset your preferences − your player window will open in the same place and size every time you open the application. Need to keep your shows in the background? The Always visible feature can be turned on and off. The application has special features designed to improve your YouTube experience. Enjoy custom browsing with YouTube API, which allows you to quickly move from section to section in your YouTube account. One click takes you to your Liked Videos, Favorites, Watch Later, Watch History, Subscriptions and Playlists from your navigation window. An advanced search feature makes locating your favorite programs simple.

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