Version Information Editor 2.13

Size 720.7KB
Publisher Visit Website
Release Date 27/02/2014
Added Date 27/02/2014
Operation System Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
Downloads 1525
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Software Product Description

Version Information Editor enables version information to be edited. It also creates version information resource source (.rc) files. The program stores details of the version information in its own project (.vi) files. Simple macros can be used to help automate the updating of version information files.

The program can also create binary resource (.res) files containing version information. To do this it needs to use a 3rd party resource compiler such as Borland´s BRCC32.

From version 2.11 the program supports a command line switch – -makerc – that silently creates a .rc file from a native .vi file passed on the command line. The program simply creates the .rc file and exits, without displaying a window. This option has been made available to enable Version Information Editor to be used in automated build processes.

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