Weblink Checker 2.1

Size 279.58KB
License Freeware
Publisher http://www.axgold.com/weblinkchecker
Release Date 30/08/2016
Added Date 19/04/2017
Operation System 98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95 / 2003
Downloads 209
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When you are creating or updating your web site, its all too easy to accidentally create a broken link.

Most webmasters insert external links (links to other sites) by copying them from their web browser, but they manually type in the name for internal links (links to pages within their own site).

It is these internal links that are often the source of mistakes.

A broken internal link can not only potentially lose you visitors and sales, but can even have an effect on your search engine ranking.

Weblink Checker is a very simple tool which instantly checks your web site on your PC before you upload it to your web host.

Simply select the file corresponding to your home page and the software will instantly spider your site on your PC, checking every internal link and giving you a detailed report of any problems.

Weblink Checker also offers a simple link editor feature allowing you to easily repair broken links.

This feature will also display all the links present in any web page and instantly replace any link.

Weblink Checker is a handy tool for any webmaster – and best of all, its free!

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